Eugene D Sperazza After spending fifteen years in a large civil litigation firm, I embarked on a mission to create a smaller and, in some respects, new and different kind of firm. Obviously, I had to insist on a caliber of personnel who demonstrated exceptional talent and abilities and who could get the job done, if you will, and obtain the financial justice the client deserves.

I further insisted that all members of my firm demonstrate a genuine concern and respect not only for the client, who deserves nothing less, but also for one another. With that as a starting point, I hoped to and, in fact, did achieve my goal of seeing them experience the benefits of a genuine concern and respect for one another, which only naturally flowed to the client.

As time went on, and my practice grew, I felt that I needed to offer the client something more, something different. I, therefore, restructured my practice so I that could be in the position to offer every client something that most litigation law firms, including my own, were not doing. That is, giving the client the attorney he/she requested, as opposed to assigning another attorney, who often was less experienced. I have come to believe that if an individual has requested that I represent him/her, I should be the attorney who personally handles his/her case.

That is why I can say without hesitation that every one who honors me with the opportunity to represent them will receive just that: me and my 30 plus years of experience recovering millions of dollars of just compensation for the seriously injured. I also will personally be available throughout the case by way of in-person conferences, telephone conferences and emails, etc.

Those seeking my representation will also receive the services of a team of talented and skilled professionals with access to the most esteemed experts in the country and the resources necessary to successfully handle serious and often complicated personal injury and wrongful death cases, all with the personalized attention and concern that is second to no other firm.

That is why I can also say to each client who has suffered a serious injury or life altering event, “Not only will I fight to obtain the financial justice you deserve, but also know that I will do all I can to help make a meaningful difference in your life.”

Gene Sperazza